Public dentistry: protection for public health


National Cao and Cittadinanzattiva proposed social dentistry. This includes insurance, company welfare supplementary funds and patients’ right to choose a professional. There is also talk of prevention , healthcare federalism and the protection of the rights of the consumer-patient 


One proposal also concerns a basic dental service in Community Houses . The discussion meeting took place at the headquarters of the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists in Rome. Between a delegation from the National Odontologists Register Commission and one from Cittadinanzattiva – Patients’ Rights Tribunal. Raffaele Iandolo, the national Cao President; the President Cao of Bologna, Corrado Bondi. Then Fulvio Curti, the Vice-President of the Cao of Reggio Emilia, together with the General Secretary of Cittadinanzattiva, Anna Lisa Mandorino. Also present was the Secretary of Cittadinanzattiva Emilia-Romagna, Anna Baldini.

Public dentistry is still scarce in the various Regions, but so are the experiences of social dentistry . At the center of the theme of insurance, supplementary corporate welfare funds, the patient’s right to choose his trusted professional. Other topics of discussion are prevention, healthcare federalism and its related consequences, the protection of the rights of the consumer-patient.

It was a first preparatory meeting for the opening of a working table, which responds to the primary objective of the national CAO: the protection of citizens’ health.

Raffaele Iandolo

  • Public dentistry in community homes. The proposal by Cao and Cittadinanzattiva (


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