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PS5: a player has customized his Dualsense by coating it in wood


wooden Dualsense ? Apparently it really exists. It’s the latest creation by Reddit user u/FrigidReaper who decided to cover his PS5 controller with a wooden finish in order to make it aesthetically more particular and more comfortable to use. You can see the result in the picture below:



The user said he removed the DualSense coating, then added the wooden one. He also installed LEDs on the custom buttons and thumb sticks and improved the grips for more comfort during longer gaming sessions. Finally, the player underlined how the use of LEDs does not affect battery life.

Aesthetically, the result is truly remarkable: the Dualsense, in fact, is characterized by this alternation between the icy blue of the LEDs and the warm tones of the solid wood which make the glance very pleasant. Obviously, we don’t actually know how comfortable this DualSense can be (wood is a rather rough and hard material and long gaming sessions may not be exactly comfortable) but it is certainly an excellent customization job that DIY lovers will appreciate surely.


Staying on the subject of Dualsense, we remind you that the Dualsense Edge controller , the new PS5 pro controller , will be launched in January 2023. This is the first ultra-customizable high-performance controller developed by Sony which will debut on the market at a price of 239.99 euros.

  • I customized my default white controller (


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