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PS5: a new bundle with two Dualsense is coming?


According to what was reported by the German site Winfuture, two new official PlayStation 5 bundles are on the way , one in the Standard version and one Digital, with two Dualsense. The two packages are already available in the EB Games price list but cannot be pre-ordered yet and will include the latest hardware version of the console, namely  CFI-1216A and CFI-1216B .


At the moment Sony has not yet officially announced the arrival of the two new bundles, so as of today the details on the price and the launch date are not known. Taking into account that the price of the DualSense is 69.99 euros, that of the PS5 Standard is 549 euros, that of the PS5 Digital is 449 euros and considering that a basic controller is included in the package of any version of the console, the price of bundle should be around 500.00 euros for the Digital one and 600.00 euros for the Standard version.

According to Winfuture, some retailers have added them to their price lists with  prices ranging between 619 and 649 euros for the Digital model, and between 669 and 699 euros for the standard model, but it is very unlikely that these are the official prices.

Even if at the moment there is no official, the arrival of a bundle with two controllers is certainly very probable given the presence in the past of PS4 and PS4 PRO bundles with two DualShocks included in the package.


We just have to wait for the arrival of an announcement from Sony, which at this point should not be long in coming. Before leaving you, we remind you that during the Sony conference at CES 2023, Jim Ryan said that the PS5 availability problems are officially over and this year we shouldn’t have any problems finding the console in stores.

  • PlayStation 5: Das ist das official Sony PS5-Bundle mit 2 Controllern (


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