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PS Plus is having problems accessing games redeemed under the old subscription

Users are reporting that games they redeemed from their old PlayStation Plus are disappearing from their library when removed from Extras.

There is still some confusion over several issues related to the  new PlayStation Plus . Immediately after the launch, we expressed our concerns about some aspects of the new  tier model , which risked creating a more confusing situation than expected.


However, it was hard to imagine that the new subscription would start having some problems because of the  old PlayStation Plus . In fact, some gamers are reporting, as reported by the  PlayStation Lifestyle site , that they are unable to  access games that they had redeemed with the old PlayStation Plus . This happens when these same games were also launched in the  Extra subscription and then removed.

The Extra licenses of Plus in some cases are overwriting those of the old subscription

Ideally, the old PlayStation Plus allowed you to  redeem a game and keep it associated with your profile forever . This means that as long as you had an active Plus subscription, you could always access that game, as if you had purchased it.


The players in question, and in particular with  Greedfall , instead report that somehow the PlayStation Plus Extra permissions have overwritten the license redeemed by the old PlayStation Plus (now renamed Essential, you can find it on Amazon ) and, in practice, the game does not it is more throwable because it was removed from Extra. That’s right: the privilege of having redeemed it at the time from the old Plus no longer counts and has been “canceled”.

In practice, those who had redeemed  Greedfall with the old subscription, and according to that could always access it as long as they remained a Plus user, find themselves no longer able to launch the game because it has been removed from Extra.


At the moment there are no fixes for this problem and, indeed, the official assistance, as reported on Reddit , reports that the licenses of the Essential games can be revoked . News that literally isn’t making anyone happy and a problem that was already seen with the old PlayStation Now, unfortunately.


Difficult to understand if there will be news about it, or if the players will be forced to accept that they can also lose other titles in the future that they had legitimately redeemed with their old subscription.

In these hours, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is also making itself heard  , which in turn is ready to leave Extra on December 20th.


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