Prysmian Group will distribute its shares to its employees as bonuses

Prysmian Group will distribute Prysmian shares to its employees as bonuses in line with its year-end targets, with its new project implemented in the MEAT Region, which includes the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and India.

The world leader in the energy and telecommunication cables industry, Prysmian Group has added a new one to its employee satisfaction projects. With its new project covering the MEAT Region, the company has designed its human-oriented profit sharing plan in a way that will positively increase employee sense of belonging and satisfaction, and promises to distribute shares to its employees in line with its 2022 year-end targets. 


Prysmian Group, which offers approximately 30,000 employees worldwide the opportunity to own long-term stocks with the “YES – Your Employee Shares – Equity Plan for Employees”, now continues to share the company’s earnings with its employees with its new project. 

“We have full faith in our employees”

Expressing that it is important to understand the needs of each employee and to support them in adopting company goals, Prysmian Group MEAT CEO Cinzia Farisè said about the new project: “As we seek new ways to reward our company’s most important asset, our employees, through corporate diversity and inclusive value creation, We developed our people-oriented, profit-sharing plan as a new way to reward our employees’ commitment to the Prysmian Group and our corporate culture. We know very well that by ensuring the participation of our employees at all levels of the company in incentive-based initiatives, we can continue innovations and protect the interests of all our stakeholders, from employees to shareholders.” 

“Employee loyalty and trust are at the top”



Türk Prysmian Kablo CEO Ülkü Özcan, who underlined that with the power of Prysmian Group, they offer many privileges, high standard working conditions and fringe benefits to their employees in Turkey, spoke as follows about the new application: “Recent economic developments in the world and in Turkey. While creating a challenging process in many sectors, Prysmian Group continues to keep employee loyalty and trust at the top in this process. With the support of our group, as Türk Prysmian Kablo, we continue to be a company with high employee satisfaction. We are implementing this project in order to support our office and field workers in the face of high inflation and to raise their living standards to the next level. In the difficult year we left behind, We appreciate all our office and field employees for their high performance and we thank our employees for their efforts, with the awareness of being a company that always rises from the shoulders of its employees. As an internationally leading company in the cable industry, we have confidence in our operations and employees in Turkey today, as always.” 

Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront

Keeping its efforts on employee satisfaction up-to-date, Prysmian Group aims to create a working environment where all office and field employees feel valued and respected, and diversity and inclusiveness are considered important. In this context, the company focuses on creating a productive, collaborative and inclusive workplace culture in its factories and offices, and adopts the understanding that this culture is indispensable for a sustainable working environment.

Prysmian Group supports increasing women’s employment and raising awareness in the fields of informatics and technology with the STEM IT Program, which is another project implemented within the scope of sustainable work environment studies. With the STEM IT program, the group aims to give technical and scientific roles to women who want to pursue a career in science and technology, and to include more than 500 female employees by 2030.


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