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Proving Grounds: here are the playoffs

He decided the four teams for the playoffs: not only the title of the cadet series, promotion to Pg Nationals is also up for grabs.



Dsyre, Webidoo, Dren and Outplayed Academy: these are the four teams that will compete for the final act of the Proving Grounds, the cadet series of the Italian League of Legends championship. In the playoffs, as happened in the last split, the first four of the regular season participate from which for this Summer both the Atleta Esport Academy and the Angry Bats, both finalists in the Spring, are surprisingly excluded. The Atleta even ended the season in last place with ten losses in a row: an unexpected and perhaps undeserved meltdown for what the team’s true value is. The Angry Bats instead closed in sixth place, far from the playoff area.

How do the playoffs work now?

According to the rules, the playoffs will see two different parts of the board: on the upper side, which is basically a winner bracket, the first against the second, that is Dsyre and Webidoo, will face each other, with the certainty that the loser is not already out but has a second chance. In the other game, instead, Dren and Outplayed Academy face off in the loser bracket: whoever loses is out, whoever wins faces the loser of the first match. At stake there is not only the victory of the cadet championship but the conquest of important circuit points necessary to obtain the pass for the Promotion , the qualifying tournament for the Pg Nationals. 

Towards the Promotion

At present the Dren are the team that has accumulated the most points so far, 120, at least as a minimum score that can increase if it has to conquer more than a fourth place finish. Only the first two qualify for the Promotion from which both Atleta Esport Academy and Outplayed Academy must be excluded as they are academies of teams that already have their own slot in Pg Nationals. Unless between the Summer Playoff and the Promotion they decide to sell the slot to the highest bidder. If the favorites for the final victory of the Summer seem to be one between Dsyre and Webidoo, however, only one of them could land at the Promotion for a whole series of mathematical crossings . The appointment with the first game is for 1 August 2022, again on the Twitch channel of Pg_Esports_lol.


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