Prisoner exchange in Libya

In the prisoner exchange between the Libyan National Unity Government and the forces of Khalifa Haftar, the leader of the armed forces in the east of the country, a total of 16 people from both sides were liberated.

Member of the Ayan Council, Haşim Dahl, from the city of Zawiya, located to the west of the capital Tripoli, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the negotiations that lasted for about 3 weeks under the mediation of the tribal leaders and the notable councils yielded results.


He also stated that in this context, 15 prisoners held in the eastern part of the country were freed in exchange for fighter pilot Amir al-Cagım, one of the air forces affiliated with Haftar’s forces.

He also stated that the fighter pilot Cagım was traded due to health problems.

“We will continue our negotiations with the east of the country”

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), the commander of the military forces in Zawiya, Muhammed Bahur, said that among the 15 prisoners released by Haftar’s forces, Lieutenant Colonel Yahya al-Usta, who was responsible for the protection of the city of Derna, was also included.



Bahur said, “We have exchanged prisoners, including women, before. From now on, we will continue our negotiations with the east of the country to free more prisoners.”

There was no statement from the forces in the east of the country regarding the issue.

Pilot Amir al-Cagim was caught and imprisoned in 2019 after the Russian-made MiG 23 fighter jet crashed south of Zawiya. Lieutenant Colonel Yahya al-Usta was detained in the city of Derna in 2018 by forces loyal to Haftar.

In Libya, 89 people from both sides were freed in 3 prisoner exchanges made through the 5+5 Joint Military Committee, which was formed for dialogue talks under the leadership of the United Nations.


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