Pos: costs and commissions on payments


Pos: costs and commissions on payments.

The average Italian retailer often sees the Pos as an unfair additional cost that harms their profit margins. Furthermore, also an ‘undue’ favor done by the administrators to the banks. The cancellation of the obligation for merchants and professionals to accept cards and debit cards for any amount under 60 euros has generated opposing controversies. Amidst the controversy a question arises: how much does it cost to own and use a POS ? There are fixed costs relating to the purchase of the device and they differ according to the operator used and the type of offer. Commissions should also be taken into accountrelated to the use of the Pos and also here the differences from operator to operator. Then there are the fixed commissions, discounts and fixed-term promotions. 


In general, the average of requests from payment network operators is between 0.9% and 1.9% of the value of the transaction made. For example, a median commission of 1.5%, in 75 cents for every 50 euros of collection. This is net of concessions such as the one relating to the request for a 30% tax credit on commissions linked to electronic payments. This is for those with revenues of less than 400,000 euros a year. Always until a new budget law changes things soon.

  • How much does the Pos cost and what are the commissions on payments (


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