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Porsche has launched a collection of NFTs: the 911 Boxster goes virtual

Porsche has launched a collection of NFTs: the 911 Boxster goes virtual.


Porsche has also succumbed to the charm of NFTs, with a collection of 3D reproductions (all the same, but with different number plates) of its iconic 911. The collection is already on sale on OpenSea, the most important marketplace dedicated to NFTs released on Ethereum and Polygon.


Porsche describes its NFT as a key to its brand’s ‘Web 3.0’ world of services, products, and rewards. In short, the beginning of something more ambitious could have a wide-ranging over time. Porsche, however, hasn’t disclosed much about what it intends to do with its ambitions in the cryptocurrency and metaverse space, so at the moment, the value of its NFTs is dictated solely by speculation (as it often is).

The Porsche 911 NFTs , as we write this news, have a  floor price (the lowest asking price on the secondary market) of over 2.6 ETH, which is equivalent to over $4,200 at current exchange rates. Still far less than the list price of a new Porsche 911, for what it’s worth.

In the future, NFT owners will be able to make a choice: Porsche offers three ‘paths’ (Performance, Heritage and Lifestyle) and depending on which one they choose, they will obtain different benefits and utilities. Depending on the choice, the owners will then be able to customize their Porsche (today the NFTs are identical), with different colors and options.



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