Police raid on former Prime Minister Khan’s residence in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the camp and tents set up by his supporters were destroyed in a police operation against former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s residence in Lahore. Tensions rose between the parties and 30 people were detained.

Former Prime Minister Of Pakistan and leader of Pakistan Justice Movement Party (PTI) Imran Khan left his residence in Zaman Park district of Lahore to appear before the judge in the capital Islamabad. After Khan’s exit, his residence was raided by the police. Tension rose between the police teams and Khan’s supporters, who reacted to the operation. Police officer Suhail Sukhera said they took action to remove the camps and tents set up by Khan’s supporters in the area. Sukhera stated that the barricades erected by Khan supporters in front of the house were demolished with heavy equipment, gas-filled bottles, iron rods and batons were found, and Khan’s supporters and party workers tried to resist the police by throwing stones and molotovs at the police.


“The court intends to arrest me,”

Khan said in his post on his social media account after the operation, “Although I was released on bail in all my cases, it is clear that the government wants to arrest me. Although I know their bad intentions, I am going to Islamabad and the court because I believe in the rule of law. His intentions should be understood by everyone,” he said. Khan noted that what happened in Lahore was not about being brought to trial, but that their aim was to prevent him from running the election campaign by being imprisoned.


On the other hand, the government Of Imran Khan fell after a vote of confidence in the parliament in April last year. Two separate arrest warrants were issued on March 13 for Khan, who was accused of selling state gifts and concealing his assets while on duty, for not participating in the trials. During the operation carried out the next day for the detention, clashes broke out between PTI supporters and the police, but Khan could not be taken into custody. The court in Islamabad suspended the arrest warrant for Khan, who said he would attend the hearing.


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