Polar cold captured the USA: The felt temperature is -77

In the USA and Canada, polar-based cold air and strong winds negatively affect daily life.

Polar cold captured the USA: The felt temperature is -77.


The lowest temperature record was broken in the state of New Hampshire, about 400 km north of New York. On Mount Washington, which has an altitude of 1900 meters, the temperatures falling to minus 43 degrees Celsius were added to the strong winds of 200 km per hour, and the temperature felt became minus 77. This was the lowest temperature ever felt in the country. The authorities stated that the weather was “dangerously cold” and asked the citizens not to leave their homes unless they had to. The temperature in Boston was minus 23, the lowest since 1886. In New York, the record of the winter of 1978 was broken with minus 31 in places. One person died as a result of a tree falling in Massachusetts, where the extreme cold and storm were effective.


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