Poland will continue to mine coal

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin stated that necessary steps have been taken for the country’s energy security and said, “We will continue to extract coal for many years as long as it is the basis of energy security.”

Speaking to Polish Radio, Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin said that Poland is a safe country to invest in.


Referring to the nuclear power plant agreements with South Korea and the USA, Sasin emphasized that these agreements set an example that Poland is a reliable country.

Pointing out that there was an energy crisis due to the Russia-Ukraine War, Sasin said, “The period of energy crisis means that the state has to intervene in market mechanisms. Otherwise, the price of energy for individual consumers and businesses becomes so high that it becomes unaffordable. That’s why we took the necessary measures.” made its assessment.

Emphasizing that they have taken steps to ensure that coal is available wherever it is needed, Sasin said, “We started to increase coal imports through state-owned companies right after the outbreak of the war. We will continue to extract coal for many years as long as it is the basis of energy security. Local governments also contribute to the coal distribution process in the country. “Necessary steps are being taken,” he said.

Coal has an important place in the energy basket of Poland, which has completely stopped its natural gas purchases from Russia.

Polish officials, accused of not taking steps in line with their climate targets, argue that emissions concerns should be postponed during the crisis and that they are loyal to the targets.



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