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Pokémon TCG, the first expansion for the Scarlet and Violet series is coming


The Pokémon Company International has announced  Scarlet and Violet, the new expansion of the hugely popular  Pokémon Trading Card Game inspired by the video games Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, complete with a release date. The Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet expansion will be available starting March 31, 2023.


The Pokémon Company International has revealed that it has also made several improvements to the design of the cards that will be introduced starting from the Scarlet and Violet expansion. The yellow borders on Pokémon TCG cards will turn gray, similar to those released in Japan, to provide a more consistent Pokémon TCG experience worldwide while making the artwork stand out even more.

Additionally, Trainer card sub-categories, such as Supporter, Item, and Stadium cards , will be reflected in the upper left corner so they are more visible on cards players are holding, Basic Energy cards will have another symbol of the ‘Energy in the lower right corner to make it easier to keep track of it during the game and the expansion symbol will be replaced by the expansion and language code on all cards.

Finally, the Scarlet and Violet expansion will also see the return of the Pokémon-ex game mechanic , which will appear in all evolutionary stages and boast a high number of HP as well as formidable attacks and abilities. However, when it is Knocked Out, a Pokémon-ex entitles it to not one, but two Prize cards.


The Pokémon Company has announced that further details on Scarlet and Violet, including the main features of the expansion and related products, will be communicated in the future.

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