Podargo: saved chick ended up on the ground


His name is Pod, he is a strigoid podargo chick . Found on the street at the foot of a tree, it looked like a cotton ball. A passerby walking the streets of Brighton, Australia, saw this white ball of fur near a tree. The wad began to move, and legs and beak appeared. The man understood that it was the baby of a podargo, a nocturnal bird present in much of the Oceanic state. Perhaps it had fallen from its nest in or near a tree. 


The bird had been abandoned and the man took pity on it and decided to entrust it to the care of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Here the little podargo was called Pod. On social media, his photos have gone viral, his weight is just over 20 grams. A kind of riddle was created to try to guess which animal it was. Many have known the answer, but others have only commented that he is the cutest creature ever seen. The little white ball will stay at the sanctuary until it is an adult who can fend for itself. At that time it will be released back into its natural habitat. 

  • Australia, finds a white ball on the ground and then realizes that it has a beak and legs: podargo chick saved (


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