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PlayStation VR2, the inside of the PS5 viewer visible in an official teardown video

PlayStation VR2, the inside of the PS5 viewer visible in an official teardown video.


One week after its launch, PlayStation VR2 finally shows its interior in an official teardown video published by Sony, which illustrates both the exterior and the internal hardware components of the new PS5 headset.


In the video shown below, in just over 12 minutes, PS VR2 is disassembled to reveal the arrangement of its internal components, in an operation that is obviously not recommended for users, as there is the risk of suffering electric shocks or other types of injuries, as well as voiding the warranty. Here is the video:

In the video, Takamasa Araki (Mechanical Design Team) shows how he and his team have managed to create a balanced and symmetrical headset without sacrificing comfort and technology at the same time. Sony, in fact, has adopted particular precautions to ensure greater reliability and precision, including a strategic positioning of the LEDs and a special material for the coating of the controllers, which transmits the infrared light emitted internally. Furthermore, in the movie the emphasis is also placed on the design, which now appears softer and more elegant and also specifically designed to make long gaming sessions more comfortable.

Staying on the subject, remember that PS VR2  will also offer many new features such as the new eye tracking system and Foaveted Rendering that will allow players to experience an even more immersive gaming experience.


Furthermore, the catalog of games announced for the viewer is already varied and full-bodied. The list, in fact, includes titles such as  Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue,  The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, Beat Saber and many others.

The new viewer will be available starting  February 22, 2023  at a cost of  599.99 euros . The package will include PlayStation VR2, the stereo headset and a pair of controllers.


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