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PlayStation VR2 lays bare with Sony’s official teardown video

A few days after its final release, PlayStation VR2 fully shows what it’s made of in Sony’s official teardown video.

PlayStation VR2 lays bare with Sony’s official teardown video


PlayStation VR2 is coming, bringing the next generation of virtual reality into the homes of PlayStation 5 users.

The new viewer (which you can find on Amazon by invitation ) will pave the way for the future of PlayStation VR, with many new features.

Many of which were confirmed and updated by Sony a few weeks ago by publishing an exhaustive post with many frequently asked questions and answers.


And while the launch lineup is now complete and confirmed, PlayStation VR2 reveals its latest secrets with the definitive videos.

Two videos that Sony has released to fully show what’s under the hood of PlayStation VR 2, the so-called teardown videos.


In the videos, hardware engineers Takamasa Araki and Takeshi Igarashi provide a detailed look at the internal structure and design philosophy behind the upcoming PS5 headset and its Sense controllers.


The first video, which you can see above, shows Takamasa Araki from the mechanical design team demonstrating how he and his team achieved balance in the internal structure of the headset.

There are interesting goodies like a focus on the improved cooling system , optics for graphical fidelity, and ergonomic impact designed for comfort.

A video bordering on techporn , we could say.


The second video is equally interesting because it showcases the Sense controllers , which have never been too much of Sony’s attention so far.

Takeshi Igarashi of the peripheral design team dives into controller tracking technology with his stylish glasses. Which aim to amplify the sensations felt in the game, complete with finger touch detection to follow the most natural hand gestures during the game, as well as tactile feedback and adaptive triggers that are based on the innovation of the wireless controller DualSense.

The debut of PS VR2 is set for  next February 22 , when the viewer will be offered on the market at the list price of  599.99 euros.

And if these videos are not enough for you yet, there is also our unboxing to recover: you can find it here .


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