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PlayStation Tournaments on PS5 are available: here are all the details on events and prizes


Via a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced the opening of the PlayStation Tournaments on PS5 , with new features, events and huge prizes for the community including cash prizes, PS5, a DualSense Edge wireless controller and Pulse 3D wireless headset .


From December 1st to January 31st, all players will be able to participate in the PlayStation Tournaments: Win-A-Thon on PS5 and PS4 consoles. Win-a-Thon is a ranked competition that allows you to rack up wins and improve your overall score by participating in PlayStation Tournaments. The players with the most points will win the rewards.

With the arrival of the new PlayStation Tournaments, Sony has also introduced some new features , including:

A simple discovery process that allows you to find Tournaments easily. You can scroll to the desired game on the PS5 home screen and press the d-pad down to see a list of upcoming tournaments. Alternatively, view available tournaments by tapping the PS button and launching Control Center while playing a supported game.


Signing up from the console: Signing up is faster than ever. From the Control Center or Game Hub, you can select an available tournament and press the “Register” button to enter a competition.


Maximum number of participants in the group that guarantees a standard duration for each tournament. If the maximum number is exceeded, multiple brackets will be created for the same tournament, but the reward will remain the same for each bracket.

More Tournaments: Tournaments will be held more often and at regular intervals so that more players can find the right time to participate.


New UI: The brand new Tournament UI uses the activity tab structure to allow you to easily view tournament information. You can automatically explore the experience through notifications and you will be notified when the next game starts. Tournaments can be started from notifications, so you can practice in-game or even play other titles between games.

Automatic, real-time results display: Once you register for a tournament, you can access all the relevant details via the corresponding activity tab in the Control Center. Achievements are displayed and reported automatically as matches progress. You can also view the status of all tournament brackets at any time from the tournament tab.

For a detailed breakdown of rewards and eligibility visit here.

  • PlayStation Tournaments on PS5 are officially live today (


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