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PlayStation Plus Premium offers you a new exclusive PS5 free trial now

Ghostwire Tokyo is the new PlayStation Plus Premium free trial game, available now!

Sony has just announced a new welcome surprise for all users registered with PlayStation Plus Premium , the highest tier for the famous subscription service: from now on it will be possible to download a new free trial game.


In fact, players will be able to download a new free trial dedicated to Ghostwire Tokyo , the exclusive PS5 by Shinji Mikami and created by Tango Gameworks and Bethesda (you can find it on Amazon ): the download is already available now for next-gen consoles.

You will be able to experience this supernatural adventure by trying the first hour of the game, at no additional cost : the PS5 exclusive storm is therefore officially added to a long series of free trials already offered exclusively on Premium .


You can proceed with the download directly from the relevant official page from the PS5 store or, alternatively, directly at the following address , after naturally making sure you have logged in with a PlayStation Plus Premium account.

PlayStation Plus Premium offers you a new exclusive PS5 free trial now

We remind you that Ghostwire Tokyo is a dynamic adventure set in a ghostly Tokyo , invaded by dangerous forces that do not belong to this world: you will be able to use all your elemental powers and supernatural abilities and enjoy a city rebuilt in the smallest details.




Thanks to the new free trial offered by Premium, you will be able to explore the whole work for the first hour of time that will be granted to you, without any further additional limit.

Furthermore, if you choose to purchase the full version in the future, you will be able to continue your adventure from where you left off, keeping all the progress made up to that point.

An unmissable opportunity therefore to be able to try one of the most fascinating PS5 exclusives released this year, and which in the coming weeks could also land on rival consoles from Microsoft: in fact, let us remember that just a few days ago a very important clue emerged in this sense .


If you are curious to find out more details about this fascinating production, we recommend our long exclusive interview with the creatives of Tango Gameworks , who explained not only what inspired the creation of Ghostwire Tokyo but also what we can expect from their next projects .

Staying on the subject with the subscription service, we are still waiting for the official announcement on the next free Essential games to arrive, even if in reality the complete list may have already been revealed in advance .


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