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PlayStation Plus, February 2023: announced the free games of the month for PS4 and PS5


Sony has finally unveiled the  free PS4 and PS5 games for February 2023  PlayStation Plus  subscribers . This month’s list of games available to PS Plus subscribers includes:

  • Mafia: Definitive Edition
  • OlliOlli World
  • Evil Dead: The Game
  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Mafia: Definitive Edition is the remake of the first, unforgettable chapter of the Mafia series. This reissue recovers all the charm, all the action and all the narrative power of the extraordinary Mafia epic, but with a more marked attention to the characterization of the historical context Set in the years of Prohibition, the first Mafia tells  the story of Tommy Angelo , a taxi driver from the city of Lost Heaven, who suddenly finds himself involved in organized crime.

OlliOlli World , on the other hand, is the third title in the series developed by Roll7. The game takes us skating through a lively world inhabited by truly colorful characters. The goal of our journey is to discover the mystical gods of skate and reach the Gnarvana.

Evil Dead: The Game is the fun asymmetrical PvPvE based on The Evil Dead franchise (La Casa, in Italian). “ Take on the role of Ash Williams or one of his friends from the unforgettable Evil Dead saga and dive into a game full of co-op and adrenaline-pumping PVP multiplayer action! Play as a team of four survivors: explore, loot, craft, tame your fears and find the objects needed to close the portal between two worlds, in a game inspired by the three original Evil Dead films and the original series by STARZ, Ash vs Evil Dead –  reads the  official description.


Finally, Destiny 2: Beyond Light is the fifth expansion for Destiny 2 that adds various content to the base game. A new power has arisen from the ancient pyramid ship on the frozen frontier of Europa. A dark empire has risen beneath its surface. Join the other Guardians in Destiny 2: Beyond Light and destroy the empire, even if it means having to wield the Darkness.”


The games will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers from 7 February until Monday 6 March 2023.



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