Plane: A woman accidentally takes a flight to Seattle


Mexican woman accidentally found herself on a Volaris flight to Seattle . The woman had to come home from a vacation. She was supposed to fly from Guadalajara to Tuxtla Gutiérrez over a distance of more than 1,100 km. She unfortunately ended up accidentally on an international flight to Seattle with a distance of 3,500 km. 


At the Guadalajara airport it happened that an employee of the airline would have told the Mexican to change lines. She did and the gate attendant didn’t realize it was the wrong flight. After three hours, since the woman didn’t speak English, she asked the flight attendant for help filling out an immigration form for America. This is how she discovered she was on the wrong flight. The flight attendant understood that the woman did not want to go to the United States and was without a passport 

Once in the United States, an employee of the airline accompanied the woman to the immigration hall. Her officials then took her back on her Guadalajara-bound flight to her home in Tuxtla Gutiérrez . A flight of less than two hours ended up being a double flight of nearly five hours each. 

Family members, informed of his disappearance by the Volaris company on the flight on which he was supposed to be back, were at the height of concern. The National Guard forced Volaris to file a missing person report . After searching, they realized that the girl was on the wrong flight. Investigations to understand what happened were opened, the woman upon her arrival found Volaris employees blaming her for the wrong flight. In short, we do not know who is right and who is wrong. 

  • A woman accidentally found herself on a flight to the USA (


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