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Pixel 7 no longer rotates the screen? You are not the only one, reports worldwide


A new annoying bug haunts the owners of the Pixel 7 , the new Google flagship . Apparently on some applications it would not be possible to rotate the screen, making viewing multimedia content extremely unnerving.

The problem would affect the new Pixel 7, but also the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Social networks have already been bombarded with reports from hundreds of users, frustrated by the impossibility of horizontally watching YouTube, Netflix and so on videos.

“The problem occurs mainly with YouTube,” writes a user on Reddit. “ Pixel 7 auto -rotate doesn’t work properly and I have to turn it on manually every time”. But maybe it’s not just a problem of Google-branded devices. Owners of smartphones from other brands have also noticed the occurrence of a very similar bug. Some reports, for example, come from the owners of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

It could be a problem with YouTube , which in any case would not shift the responsibilities one millimeter. There is always talk of a grain of Google.

Meanwhile, users have also reported a few other bugs . Recently the feature that allows you to stop alarms and timers with a voice command would not be working properly either. We are sure that Google will soon work on a solution to both problems.



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