Photovoltaic tiles: the future of sustainable energy


Tiles can become the basic material for making a home more energy efficient and independent . This is because, for some years now, photovoltaic tiles have existed , i.e. roof tiles on which small cells are installed, making them less impacting from an architectural point of view.

These are simple roof tiles on which small silicon panels or other materials capable of absorbing and accumulating solar energy are integrated . This is stored thanks to the absorption of solar radiation which is then returned to the home through an accumulation system and an inverter connected to the home system.

The capacity of these plants varies from tile to tile, but generally a 3kW plant produces about 3000-4500 kWh per year based on the exposure of the house . Photovoltaic tiles are installed on roofs like normal ones and allow for greater thermal insulation and greater protection from atmospheric agents .

The lower aesthetic impact makes them installable even in areas with landscape constraints even having to request permission from the municipal administration. Photovoltaic tiles also allow access to tax breaks.

  • Photovoltaic tiles, the roof tiles of the future for sustainable energy (


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