Photovoltaic: Europe installed 41 GW in 2022

Photovoltaic: Europe installed 41 GW in 2022.


Europe’s solar energy 2022 has started to roll. In just one year, the Block installed a total of 41.4 GW of new photovoltaic power for a total of 208.9 GW. A truly positive result that eases the energy crisis. The 2022 solar power additions alone meet the electricity needs of more than 12 million European homes . They replace 4.45 billion cubic meters of gas.


Germany leads the ranking, with a growth of almost 8 GW of PV in 2022. Followed by Spain (7.5 GW), Poland (4.9 GW), the Netherlands (4.0 GW) and France (2.7 GW). Italy is also in the top ten, exactly in sixth place in the European ranking. With an estimated additional capacity of around 2.6 GW and an annual growth of 174%. 


We are confident that further annual industry growth will exceed all expectations, going beyond 50GW (of new annual capacity) in 2023 and reaching 85GW in 2026. While this is the ‘most likely’ forecast, we could see up to 68 GW installed next year and nearly 120 GW annual installation in 4 years.


Solar Power Europe

The association foresees a good future development for Italian solar energy . From 2023 to 2026, the country could install from a minimum of 16.4 GW to a maximum of 34 GW. 


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