Personality: Others make us sad and transform us

Personality: Others make us sad and transform us.


In life, there are many relationships that do not help us because they are harmful and that can change the way we face our existence. It is precisely those emotional relationships that have a great emotional cost and can make us change more. This is how these changes in our character arise. We can change our emotional register: having invested in thousands of dreams, joys, and efforts and then receiving only sadness. If before we had a strong and very open view of ourselves, now it is completely distorted. Self-esteem has turned into a feeling of inferiority. 


If we offer affection, humility, and optimism, but receive only contempt, ridicule, and criticism, then those who say they love us don’t. Here, the disappointment experienced is great. If we meet negative people who disappoint and hurt us, then we must be aware that something has changed within us. 

Better, however, not to annihilate ourselves in suffering and disappointment, not to allow ourselves to become victims of ourselves, but to react and get out of these negative situations. Letting go of the pain, lightening the load, is best. Past pain must stay in the past, but the main thing that matters is moving forward safely. 




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