Perception of time: Christmas always seems to arrive earlier


Many don’t believe that the holidays are just around the corner. 77% of 918 adults in England agree that Christmas is coming faster and faster. Time seems to speed up with age. We also rely on memory to estimate duration. Over the years the memory becomes more fallible and one remembers less of everyday life. 


We feel Christmas coming faster and faster because of the energy we spend anticipating it. The most awaited time of the year for children, while for adults it is less exciting. For children it’s magic, for adults it’s the planning of many different things. 

Technological progress also affects the perception of time, we carry out tasks more quickly. The added time pressure that comes with Christmas can make time go by faster. There are many factors why Christmas seems to arrive faster and faster, but it’s also okay that it happens because it really is. The psychological sense of Christmas is also accelerated by the marked advance of Christmas commercials . A way to try to increase profits by starting the annual holiday period early. We even get to start sponsoring in early October, so many don’t like to see Christmas arrive so quickly!

  • Why We Feel Like Christmas Comes Around More Quickly Each Year (


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