People with above average intelligence: the skills that distinguish them

People with above average intelligence: the skills that distinguish them.


Being smart doesn’t mean being a genius with an IQ of 300. It’s just being a little smarter, more aware of reality, and able to make the right decisions when needed. Being endowed with above-average intelligence also means having a certain talent for reading between the lines and perceiving things that others cannot see.


Furthermore, it means knowing how to love and embrace the unknown, asking questions of the world, and seeking new innovative solutions to complicated problems as well as possessing creative skills that can provide new ways of thinking to deal with complex situations. In short, being gifted with an above-average mind means first of all using it!

Skills that above average minds have in common

An above average mind is like a sword of Excalibur : unique, fearsome and ready to cut through any obstacle. Many smart people have some skills in common. For example, they are able to tackle complex challenges with great versatility and speed. They can then deal with unforeseen situations by contracting their extensive neural networks with an ” out of the box ” mentality. They are also gifted with creative vision, analytical ability, and problem-solving skills.

These folks have the magic in their bold wit and ability to draw accurate conclusions from incomplete data. Another amazing thing they possess is their ability to keep multiple things in their head at the same time, as if they have lots of little computers inside their skull. In short, these people really have special skills, here are some in detail.


Understand the connections between topics

Understanding the connections between topics is a sign of superior intelligence. Truly brilliant people have the ability to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to form a bigger picture. Instead of looking at each problem individually, they are able to connect different aspects and find the right solution. Understanding the relationships between topics also allows them to develop innovative ideas and deeply analytical thoughts, thus increasing their creative and executive capacity. If you have this ability, you surely have above average intelligence!

Take calculated risks

There is no magic recipe to success, but if you want a chance at greater heights then it is essential that you are willing to take calculated risks . Those with above average intelligence tend to weigh all the factors involved in every decision they make before making anything, and also to consider negative possibilities.

Taking time to reflect on the situation, analyze it, and then act intentionally and toward your goal is a common trait of people with oversized intelligence. Taking calculated risks can give you great satisfaction in the long run if you know how to do it in the right measure and in the right way. Don’t be afraid to dare: seizing the right opportunities at the moment can make you great!


You are open to new experiences

If you have a higher intelligence , chances are you are also very curious and open to new experiences. You are always looking for something new to learn, and you often do things that most normal people would never do. You might take trips to unusual places or try hobbies like extreme surfing or water painting. If you follow your curiosities and explore different things, you will see the world from a different perspective and enrich your life!

Appreciate the solitude

Taking a moment alone can be a healthy experience. Imagine yourself lying on the sofa wearing a warm blanket. You can eat up your weekly servings of ice cream and think of all the delicious things you can make yourself. Maybe you lift one leg up and bring it up to your ear while looking at the ceiling, hoping that no tenants see you from across the room. After all, you can do whatever you want: read pleasantly favorite books, stare meditatively at dirty windows, or even dance with the knowledge that no one is watching.

Learn from mistakes

The importance of learning from mistakes is like something we have heard so many times but maybe we don’t really understand the importance of it. After all, mistakes can be fun sometimes! But if you look deeper, recognizing your mistakes can make us smarter and wiser people. Mistakes are like a gift from ancient knowers: things we’ve done or said wrong that ultimately teach us something, not just about ourselves but about others as well. If you make a mistake, don’t get mad at yourself and use it as an opportunity to grow and become better.


Mistake can teach you more than success ever could: if we learn from it, we can benefit from it in the future. Instead of indulging in frustration, make an effort to understand the causes of the error and think about ways to prevent it from happening again. So always remember to make your life a learning experience, and laugh when you get to the final point!


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