Pensions: the differences between 103 and 41


While waiting for the overall pension reform in 2023 , in the meantime we are talking about the new quota 103 . It is not yet known if the 102 quota expiring at the end of the year will remain. Or if it will be passed on the new process based on the sum of 41 years of contributions and 62 years of age. Quota 103 for those born in 1961 is aimed at leaving their jobs during 2023. Also to avoid the Fornero staircase (67 years of age).


The first version was to allow the exit of those who reached 41 years of contributions regardless of age. Then the age of 62 was added and it limits the action only to those who will come to meet the two requirements (age and contributions). The purpose of adding age is precisely to limit the impact of the intervention on the state coffers. The possible beneficiaries would be limited to 40-50 thousand people.

With quota 103, those born within 1961 who started work within 1982 could leave in 2023. Those born within 1960 inclusive with the start of work between 1987 and 1993 can also use this quota. Employees , public and private and even self- employed with at least 63 years of age and 30-36 years of contributions. To be understood as workers with demanding activities, at least 74% disabled civilians, the unemployed, caregivers.

Those with 41 years of contributions and those who started working in 1982 will leave their jobs next year. It is understood that they worked effectively, even if not continuously, for at least 12 months before the age of 19. However, they must include: workers with onerous activities, disabled civilians with 74%, caregivers , unemployed , night workers or with strenuous work.


This also includes women born in 1963 or 1964 and who started working in 1988. These are public and private employees and self-employed workers enrolled in INPS aged 58 (employees) or 59 (self-employed) by 31 December 2022. Just check for 2023 if this requirement will be released or if it will be increased by one year to 59-60 years old. Quota 102 , if maintained, could be useful for early retirement. Even to those who were born before 1961 with work starting in 1985. If there is an extension, the deadline will become December 31, 2023 to mature the required requirements.

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