Pensions: here’s what will happen with the new increase


The Council of Ministers evaluates the pension increase issue and changes the percentages again: more money for those who receive a check of less than 2,626 euros, but above this threshold the cut will be more severe.


More money for pensions up to 2,626 euros, less for those who earn the most: this is how the change in the value of pensions in the last budget law of 2023 from the extraordinary amendment could be summarized. 

In particular, the Meloni government intends to review the revaluation percentages, i.e. the mechanism that corrects the change in the price index observed last year. This taking into account the amount of social and welfare benefits compared to what had been planned with the text of the 2023 budget law approved  by the Council of Ministers.

The goal is to give more money to the middle classes, therefore to those whose pension is (about 2100 euros) and 5 times (about 2626 euros) higher than the minimum pension. However, this inevitably requires greater unavailable resources: therefore, at the same time, an even more stringent re-evaluation mechanism should be designed for those groups that exceed the minimum treatment by 5 times.


Pending the approval of this change, which will change the pension revaluation mechanism in 2023, we will see how new entrants may affect pensions in 2023.


It should be remembered that the  minimum pension is a measure of economic support envisaged by law which is paid to elderly, unemployed or low-income citizens. Its amount is defined annually with a decree of the Minister of Labor and Social Policies on the basis of the criteria established by law.



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