Peninsula: Purchase 40% of Mc2 Saint Barth swimwear and sweaters


The Mc2 Saint Barth fashion brand opens 40% of its capital in Peninsula Capital to broaden its expansion, especially abroad. Percassi will also act within the operation by putting his experience in the stores to accelerate the growth project. The entry into Mc2 Saint Barth was led by the partner Nicola Colavito, the director Alessandro Boggio Togna and the investment professionals Maria Garcia and Tommaso Moroni.

The brand chose Peninsula for economic security and Percassi instead for the retail experience. A perfect combination. Massimiliano Ferrari and Raffaele Noris are the founders of Mc2 Saint Barth, a beachwear company born in 2003. A brand born for men and then moved on to clothing for women and children. Subsequently, winter was introduced aiming at holiday wear. In recent years there are 53 boutiques in the most renowned Italian and foreign destinations.

A strong online positioning through proprietary e-commerce which creates over 25% of the turnover. In 2022 Mc2 Saint Barth will close 2022 with a turnover of 80 million euros, 45% more than in 2021. In November Mc2 Saint Barth will open two stores in Los Angeles.


With the help of Peninsula we want to grow up, given that we have always managed the company as self-taught people: having more managerial personalities alongside and more resources for growth will be an important step for us. With Percassi, on the other hand, we want to launch retail expansion abroad, also selecting old sale, and boost online retail, to focus above all on the USA, the Middle East, Asia and consolidate our position in Europe, i.e. Spain, Germany, Greece and UK.


founders of Mc2 Saint Barth

This operation is part of a long series of investments in the retail and fashion sector for Peninsula which has acquired a strong expertise in the sector and we are confident that we will contribute significant added value to the growth of the group. Percassi’s co-investment in the operation will be an important accelerator for the success of the shared roll-out strategy and testifies to the goodness of the alliance developed also following the recent partnership in Kiko.


Happy to continue the successful collaboration with Peninsula, and to make our retail expertise available to the founders of Mc2 to help them accelerate the brand’s global growth strategy.

Antonio Percassi

  • Peninsula buys 40% of Mc2 Saint Barth swimsuits and sweaters (


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