Payroll: new increases in 2023


The changes to the technical and political assessments of the Meloni government concern the mandatory POS , as will the threshold for fines set at 60 euros. In addition, there will also be a larger cut in the tax wedge . Then the modification of the Women’s Option to allow female workers to retire early and the squeeze on the culture bonus : App18 could be linked to ISEE.


There will be discussion of minimum pensions at 600 euros and a further tightening of the citizen’s income . The extension of smart working and payback for healthcare is also likely. The most important change to the 2023 budget law regarding the cut in the tax wedge could mean the salary increase for some employees. Confirmed the cut of two points for incomes below 35 thousand euros. Contribution relief raised to 3% for those with incomes of less than 20 thousand euros.

The women’s option , the early pension for female workers , will certainly change . For 2022 it is applied to 58 years for female employees and 59 years for self-employed. Still with 35 years of contributions and a cut on the check. You can retire at 58 if you have at least two children. At 59 with at least one child and at 60 for those without children. Only a few categories can join: caregivers, at least 75% disabled and redundant workers or workers from companies in crisis.

Changes are also coming on the obligation to accept card and debit card payments for merchants and professionals. With the new maneuver the fines are triggered only for purchases over 60 euros . The threshold could drop to 30 euros. Even the culture bonus of 500 euros provided for those who turn 18 may no longer be for everyone. From 2023 the App18 could be linked to the Isee.


Other changes include the suspension of payback for one year or six months for companies that produce health devices . Also proposed is a cut in VAT on pellets, currently at 22%. There is also discussion of the 110% Superbonus , with a series of amendments to the manoeuvre. On the one hand, the reopening of the deadlines for the presentation of the Cilas. On the other hand, on the release of credits with compensation through the F24 models.



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