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PayPal: credit card gets 3% cashback in America


Even the credit card market now presents itself with particularly aggressive competition, and here is that more and more companies are trying to pull grist to their mill by trying to guarantee themselves the best possible offer. This is also the case of PayPal , a giant that has in fact announced excellent news regarding its credit card, designed to be truly indispensable for users.


Specifically, there is talk of a system capable of providing up to 3% cashback based on the method in which they use their account, a really interesting figure. Although at the moment everything has not yet been thought of for Italy, but only for the United States, the new Mastercard could also arrive in our country in the future, and it is therefore good to prepare for what could turn out to be its excellent offer.

As explained on the Engadget pages , while the 2% cashback remains unchanged, there is still talk of an additional 1% which is provided to users when they check out through PayPal, both online and in stores, thus preferring the system to the classic Mastercard . There is still no type of annual fee to pay to hold this jewel in the world of credit cards, and as if that weren’t enough, a new graphical interface has also arrived on the web and for the app.

All of this can be obtained by users quickly, considering that we are talking about payments from the company to their PayPal account with rather short times , and that to take advantage of the novelty all you need is to already have a credit card from the company. We will see when and in what ways improvements of this type will be able to arrive in our country over the next few months, hoping that the company will update us on the matter soon.





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