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PAYDAY 3 Coming to PC and Consoles This Year

PAYDAY 3’s Steam page is opened. The release date of the production was shared as 2023. The developer who will use UE shared a video of the pre alpha phase.

Co-op shooter games can be very nice choices to spend time with your friends. It is possible to leave pleasant moments behind when you say “small” mistakes that make your plan troublesome, from the distribution of tasks in the sequential works you will do in line with a certain goal.


Some of the most popular games in this genre are undoubtedly the games from the PAYDAY series. Whether you rob banks or steal luxury cars, but most importantly, do it with your friends. PAYDAY games are waiting for you to make plans for the heist you will roll up your sleeves and implement them in the most perfect way. Of course, it is not possible for every plan to work perfectly. Your reactions to setbacks are also important. We will see if the 3rd game of the series can take these features to an extreme point.

PAYDAY 3 Will Use Unreal Engine

PAYDAY 3 is calling you back from your retirement. Our gang, rushing from one heist to the next, will strike fear again in Washington DC. The developer of the production gave the good news to the fans by sharing a video of the pre-alpha phase of the game. In the video, besides the information that the Steam page of the 3rd game of the series was opened, the logo was also revealed.

The company, which determined the year 2023 as the release date for both console and PC, did not give an exact date. There is nothing tangible about the game that you can put on your wishlist , except that it was developed with the Unreal Engine. Our country winks at its players as it will have Turkish subtitles and interface support.

Shared Pre-Alpha Images:


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