Patriot system not given to Ukraine will be deployed in eastern Poland

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced that German Patriot air defense systems will be deployed in the eastern part of the country.

Speaking to a local radio, Blaszczak reminded that the German government offered a Patriot to Warsaw after a missile crashed into eastern Poland last month, killing two people.


Stating that they hope such a situation will not happen again, Blaszczak said, “The batteries will be deployed in the Lublin region in the east of Poland, on the border with Ukraine.” said.

Minister Blaszczak pointed out that the missile that hit the Polish territory remained in the airspace of the country for only a few seconds, “Therefore, it is extremely difficult to prevent such an accident. Such systems will be more effective if deployed in Western Ukraine.” made its assessment.

On November 15, an unidentified missile hit the village of Przewodow, on the Polish-Ukrainian border, killing 2 people.


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