Patriot statement from Greece: No official offer

Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panayotopoulos announced that no official offer has been received from the United States regarding the supply of Patriot air defense system to Greece in return for sending the S-300s owned by his country to Ukraine.

Giving an interview to the “Newsbomb” site, Panayotopulos evaluated the news that the S-300 defense systems in Greece could be sent to Ukraine.


“Sending the S-300s to Ukraine is not a simple matter at all. We have absolutely no intention of weakening our defense force in any way. There are scenarios, but there are no official proposals for substitution of defense systems,” Panayotopoulos said. used the phrases.

The Greek Defense Minister stated that the offers of France and Italy regarding the frigate purchase plan meet the needs of the Greek Naval Forces and said, “Our country desires that every major armament program should be accompanied by a defense cooperation.” said.

In the interview, Panayotopoulos also referred to the tripartite meeting held in Brussels on 16 December by the delegations of Turkey, Germany and Greece.

Describing the reopening of the communication channels between the advisors of the leaders of the two countries as “good news”, Panayotopoulos pointed out that they had the opportunity to talk with Defense Minister Hulusi Akar within the framework of the NATO Defense Ministers Meeting.



Panayotopoulos, “At the level of defense ministers, this channel of communication should remain open. Because in this way, necessary steps can be taken to ease the tension in case of crisis.” he said.

“We think the provocative plans are hostile”

In the news in the Greek media, it was suggested that if the USA placed the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system on the Island of Crete, Greece could send the S-300 air defense systems supplied from Russia to Ukraine.

There was a reaction from Russia to the plan for Greece to send the S-300s to Ukraine.

Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mariya Zakharova, in a written statement after the news in the Greek press, said, “We think that the provocative plans of the (Greek administration) to send the S-300 and other Russian and Soviet air defense systems to the Kyiv regime are hostile.”


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