Parental leave: here’s what to do if it’s not paid


Granted an additional period with respect to the compulsory leave for female and male employees who must be absent from work. This is up to the child’s 12th birthday. Parental leave is characterized precisely because it has:

  • periods of absence paid by the INPS with an advance indemnity in the pay slip from the employer 
  • justified periods of absence but without financial coverage

The presence of paid-unpaid periods of absence can lead to:

  • the worker to erroneously submit an application for unpaid parental leave to INPS 
  • the persons in charge of processing payroll, to enter the reason for absence due to unpaid parental leave in the management system 

So how should those who have to acknowledge absence due to unpaid parental leave by mistake on their pay slip behave in these cases ? It must be ensured that an absence item for unpaid parental leave is present in the pay slip. If the worker has interpreted the problem correctly, then there are two possibilities . A processing error in the pay slip and an error by the person concerned in submitting the application for unpaid leave to INPS. In the first case, the worker must request a recalculation of the pay slip which will report a net higher than that originally determined. The company will:

  • credit the difference in terms of net envelope
  • notify INPS of the change in the pay slip
  • pay the differences for contributions and taxes to INPS and the Treasury using the F24 form

There may be the case in which the person who processed the pay slip has included unpaid parental leave in the application sent to INPS. He did so by mistakenly indicating a leave that was not economically covered by the Institute. In the new leave request sent by INPS, “only the days of leave following the date of submission of the request” will be paid. Absence on parental leave is paid in part by INPS within certain time limits. 


Here is instead the analysis of the periods of absence up to 12 years of the child ‘s life , whether paid or not. In the event that both parents are present , it is 11 months in total (maximum limits of 6 and 7 months respectively for mother and father). In the case of only one parent , he will be entitled to 11 months of leave. Therefore only in case of death or serious illness of the other parent, abandonment of the child. Other cases are exclusive custody of the child to a single parent and non-recognition of the child by a formal provision. 


Last case is a single parent with subsequent entry of the second parent . There are only 10 months of leave which can reach 11 if the father is absent from work for 3 months. Absence due to parental leave is covered by INPS with a specific allowance (30% of the global average daily salary). It is determined considering the remuneration of the monthly or weekly period expired and immediately preceding each period of leave requested. 

The indemnity is due to all workers . Provided that during the initial leave the worker has a regular employment relationship in progress and no suspensions have occurred. For the eventual integration paid by the company, this operates according to the criteria established by the individual national collective labor agreements. For those who want to be absent on parental leave, they must:

  • communicate the absence to the employer, according to the applicable national collective labor agreement. With at least 5 days’ notice, specifying the start and end of the requested leave
  • submit, before the start of the leave, the electronic application to the INPS, in possession of the spid, cie or cns credentials.


  • Unpaid parental leave, what to do? (


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