Panettone and pandoro: record prices

Panettone and pandoro: record prices.


Codacons raise the alarm on the public price lists of Christmas sweets. Without considering special offers and discounts, for pandoro and industrial panettone, there have been increases in prices on average of +37% compared to 2021. It can also reach +59% for some brands. Artisan panettone, on the other hand, only increases by 10%. 


The Italian pandoro and panettone market is worth around 700 million euros a year. This is for almost 100,000 tons of Christmas sweets produced by large industrial entities. The price increases for these two products could cost a total of 260 million euros . Register average increases in price lists of 30% within large-scale distribution .


To determine these strong increases are both the high energy cost, which aggravates the production costs for companies in the sector, and the crisis of raw materials , with sugar, eggs, butter and other elements that form the basis of panettone and pandoro which have immediately double-digit increases compared to 2021. Cost increases that have repercussions on final prices and on consumers’ pockets: for this very reason Christmas 2022 will be characterized by a greater propensity of families to make typical holiday desserts at home, so to replace increasingly expensive industrial products with cheaper solutions.


Carlo Rienzi, president of Codacons


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