Pakistan is the new destination in BiP

Turkcell and Pakistani telecom operator Jazz, a VEON Group company, announced that they have collaborated to further expand the communication and life platform BiP in Pakistan.

According to the Turkcell statement, the cooperation agreement on the subject was signed in Islamabad between Jazz’s Head of Digital Aamer Ejaz and BiP CEO Gökhan Yüksektepe. Within the framework of the agreement, in which the Pakistan-based Telecom operator Jazz within VEON Group and BiP are parties, Jazz will offer Pakistani users many benefits of BiP such as fast and secure messaging, high-quality voice and video calls, confidential messages, instant translation service and ease of use. will present. This cooperation was also an example of how technology diplomacy can deepen close relations between countries. By offering privileged features such as translation, BiP helps communication and enables multilingual local communities to easily adopt the use of the application. Designed as an all-in-one super application, BiP also provides users with the convenience of discovering channels such as food, sports, entertainment and fashion. BiP, which is actively used in 192 countries, has reached approximately 99 million downloads.


“A touchstone in high value-added technology transfer”

Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan stated that it is a critical success factor for them to see that they are expanding the scope and scale of digital services while striving to meet the changing needs of customers. Erkan said, “We are happy to start working closely with Jazz to make BiP popular in the Pakistani market. This cooperation has also been a cornerstone in Turkey’s achievement of its goal of increasing high value-added technology transfer. As the use of BiP increases in Pakistan, we will work to expand this partnership model in other countries. We are happy to contribute to the development of the digital economies of other countries besides our country.” BiP CEO Gokhan Yuksektepe, He stated that they are proud to announce that BiP, the communication and life platform, has gained momentum among Pakistani users. Yüksektepe said, “We are working devotedly for our goal of making BiP a global communication application and providing personalized local experiences to its users. Regarding this strategy, it is important for us to cooperate with a partner like Jazz in the region.”

multipurpose communication

Kaan Terzioğlu, CEO of VEON Group, stated that messaging is a strategic application and an important part of digital operator strategies. Terzioğlu stated that BiP is an excellent service that has proven itself in different parts of the world and the spread of Jazz in Pakistan will benefit both users and the digital ecosystem. Jazz CEO Aamir İbrahim stated that they are focused on serving as a lifestyle partner for 120 million mobile broadband users in Pakistan within the framework of their digital operator strategy, offering comprehensive services such as financial transactions, TV broadcasting, music or insurance. Ibrahim,


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