Pain and suffering: this is what it means to experience it

Pain and suffering: this is what it means to experience it.


Pain and suffering have a meaning that goes beyond the mechanism of painful feelings and their response. There are pains that cause as much or more physical suffering, that lacerate the mind and cause damage or dissociation to the soul. Suffering is also resistance and it is what often prevents us from coming out of the darkness. In practice, suffering is the water that overflows from the river, invading everything in its path. 


Usually, it is easier to talk about physical pain than that of the soul. Pain is often associated with the physical and suffering with the psychological state. According to experts, there are four negative experiences of regret :

  • unpleasant impressions obtained through the senses
  • the vital feelings of unpleasure associated with basic needs
  • predominantly physical acute and chronic pain
  • spiritual suffering

Furthermore, suffering connects us with our being . If we can recognize our being, we can dig inside ourselves in a different way. A way to question ourselves about our ego: dialogue with body and soul. Bodily pain and spiritual suffering do not always occur together: physical pain does not always disturb the spirit. Suffering and pain are emotions that can be provoked by the same stimulus, but represent a different consequence of the same cause. 




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