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Overture Maps Foundation: all united to wrest the primacy of digital cartography from Google


The big names in tech all unite against Google. The playing field is that of virtual maps, that is where Mountain View excels in an almost contrasted way (even Apple, in all these years, has struggled to fill the gap).


The Overture Maps Foundation sees the participation of the Linux Foundation (which created the initiative), Amazon Web Services, Meta, Microsoft and TomTom, all committed to contributing to the development of cartographic products and services characterized by interoperability and openness of software and data.

The physical environment changes over time, as do the communities that inhabit it. This is why mapping it is a complex challenge, which no organization can handle alone. However, the industry must unite to do so in synergy, with an effort from which everyone can benefit

reads a note. Open software and open data , it was said. Therefore, the fruits of this alliance can also be used by smaller developers and institutions (although it is not yet known under what conditions).


The importance of digital cartography has implications not only for the navigators that we use every day on our smartphones, but also for the self-driving cars of tomorrow and even augmented reality, specified by the director Jan Erik Solem Meta, i.e. the company that most of all is investing in realities and virtual worlds: «immersive experiences are the future of the internet, having open and interoperable cartographic data we can lay the foundations of the open metaverse and therefore built by all developers, companies and creators».



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