Otter: confirmed return to Veneto


The otter has finally returned to Veneto , in the province of Belluno, at the foot of the Dolomites. Good news after its risk of extinction in Italy. It hadn’t been present for 50 years, the population had had a drastic decline in the Alps. The reasons for its disappearance: habitat destruction, road accidents, hunting and poaching, but also pesticides in the food chain. But now it is returning and there is hope that it will repopulate the Alps. 


Although the mountainous environment of the Alps is not easy for the otter, about 4 years ago it reappeared in the Alps . Perhaps it will have come from Austria or South Tyrol, where the otter has already lived since 2013. The otter is a predatory mustelid that lives near waterways. 

In the first half of the seventies, the WWF carried out the first national census in which the otter had disappeared from most of Italy. This is how the Lontra Italia project was started , created by researchers and enthusiasts on the Eurasian otter. The main cause was pesticides . Things are changing due to the prohibition of PCBs (pesticides), the launch of legal protection and numerous scholarly initiatives. There are also recent reintroduction tools . A way to enhance those who have worked so hard to keep alive and bring back this precious specimen with the creation of protected oases.

  • The otter is back in Veneto: a study confirms it (


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