Otohematoma: pathology of dogs and cats


Otohematoma is a pathology that affects dogs more than cats, it is a collection of hemorrhagic liquid in the auricle. The causes can be direct trauma or continuous itching due to otitis inflammation. Therapy is the medical treatment of minor injuries. In other cases it is surgery. In practice, the rupture of small capillaries determines an extravasation of blood collected between the external skin and the cartilage of the pavilion. Other causes of this pathology can be immunological diseases. 


In the dog’s ear the cause may be the presence of parasites, foreign bodies, polyps of the external ear canal. In cats, however, the cause could be the presence of mites. Typically, the animal is constantly scratching its ear and shaking its head and may have pain on palpation of the affected area. The area may be swollen and warm. Medical therapy involves aspiration of the hemorrhagic serum fluid to drain the collection. Surgical therapy it is the choice for recurring or persistent injuries. For the resolution, various techniques can be applied to free the area affected by the pathology. If the cause of the otohematoma is eliminated, a benign evolution of the condition can occur. The fluid is reabsorbed and a scar forms which causes a malformation of the auricle. 

  • Otohematoma in dogs and cats: what it is, causes and how to cure it (


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