Orchid: never place it near the fruit basket


If you want your orchid to keep the color of its flowers for a long time, you don’t have to place the vase near the fruit. It seems silly, but there is a very valid reason. Orchids need special care compared to other houseplants. It is not advisable to expose them to direct light, as they could even burn in the summer. Instead of pouring more water into the soil, it is preferable to immerse them for 10-15 minutes in a basin of water or spray water in the room to increase humidity. 


To cultivate orchids, some mistakes must be avoided: they must never be placed near fruit because it releases ethylene . It is a gas widely used on an industrial level for the ripening of fruit or the preservation of some foods. Releasing ethylene is also harmful to orchid flowers , causing them to wilt . Fruit in nature releases this gas, but so do plastics and fluorescent lights. Ethylene is the mix of toxic gases that pollute the atmosphere and the air we breathe. So better keep the orchid away from plastic and fluorescent lights. The ideal is a window that does not overlook a busy road. 

To help the orchid flower a good method is to make sure it has an excellent air exchange . Place the orchid in the bathroom , the wettest room in the house, it is a hospitable habitat. Choose a suitable potting soil, classic soil is not recommended. 

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