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OPPO presented a robot dog: it can talk and receive parcels


Talk, jump and somersault. It is not the claim of a new children’s toy, but the description of the new sophisticated dog robot from the Chinese company OPPO . It’s called QRIC, which is an acronym for Quadrupedal Robotic with Intelligent Controller .


The robot was presented at Oppo’s INNO Day 2022 event, where several other novelties were presented. OPPO’s robot dog can speak autonomously, thanks to artificial intelligence, and can also do a whole series of stunts, such as running and somersaulting.

It has an arsenal of sensors and cameras, which allow it to identify its surroundings and orient itself independently. Potentially it can also recognize people and any objects.

QRIC moves independently, but can also be controlled comfortably using a smartphone. OPPO showed a short demo of the robot: in a clip it can be seen going towards a courier and collecting a package : to do so it has a compartment and a safety belt. The second clip shows how the robot is able to detect and understand any dangerous situations, such as an accident. The robot can therefore autonomously contact the emergency services in case its ‘owner’ has problems.

It can also use its cameras to make video calls, furthermore OPPO claims that it can act – in a certain sense – as a nanny for children. It’s unclear if and when it will be available for sale, and we don’t even know its possible price.



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