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Online poker, bots and AI to win the game: discovery of a maxi scam worth 300 thousand euros

Online poker, bots and AI to win the game: discovery of a maxi scam worth 300 thousand euros.


The 888poker franchise has announced that it has discovered that a recent poker tournament attended by over 2,000 people was manipulated by a small group of scammers, who using bots and other programs, would have managed to illegally steal about 300 thousand dollars.


The scam was staged in an MTT tournament (where multiple hands are played simultaneously on multiple tables). With the cheaters discovered, 888poker has announced that all tournament participants unjustly harmed by the cheaters’ misbehavior will get a refund.

888Poker allegedly managed to determine that 77 different accounts (all suspended for life in the meantime) had managed to fix games, using bots and other software that were designed to gain an unfair advantage in the game. The losses deriving from the scam would amount to a total of about 300 thousand dollars. 888Poker will reimburse players – over 2,000 – for what they lost as a result of the scam. The highest refund amounts to €990, while the average money refund per player is €125.

The safety of our players and providing a fair and enjoyable gaming platform remain among the main objectives of the company


reads the press release published by the dealership. 888Poker also explains that the operation was made possible thanks to the use of new sophisticated monitoring tools designed to identify any suspicious user behavior.


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