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Online green pass and Sardinian identity documents, the region admits data theft


The Sardinia region has admitted a major data theft . Thousands of files, with the sensitive information of the residents, but also of the creditors and suppliers of the region. The theft was claimed by the criminal group Quantum Locker, which released the material online.

A huge archive, with 170 thousand files : especially Excel tables, but there are also identity documents , residential addresses, telephone numbers and emails, as well as employee compensation and credits from companies and professional firms. Among other things, the archive also includes several Green Passes , as well as reports of building abuses and other administrative offenses. In short, the leak had disastrous effects on the privacy of the Sardinians.

The theft dates back to last February, but the publication and online dissemination of data is only now being talked about. The folder weighs 155GB and is circulated in the so-called deepweb, the part of the web accessible only using the Tor browser .

There was a cyber attack. The attack dates back to February 1 and is type ransomware, we notified the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data and the Police. We are still working with the collaboration of regional technicians to limit the damage. We have in fact become aware of the publication on the dark web of data that could concern us and for this reason we remain in close contact with the investigators.

explained head of the press office of the Sardinia Region to the newspaper La Repubblica. The region denied receiving a ransom note from the criminal group. In other words, the hackers would have published the data of the Sardinians without first asking the state for a payment to avert the leak .



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