Oncology: the figure of the nurse in the treatment of malnutrition

Oncology: the figure of the nurse in the treatment of malnutrition.


The objective of the document “Nutritional Support In Oncology. For a better quality of life during the course of treatment” is to underline the importance of nutrition in cancer patients. Malnutrition in oncology affects 33 million people in Europe at a cost of 120 billion euros. Among the other purposes of the document is to raise awareness among healthcare personnel, in particular nursesemphasizing their role in the nutritional care of the patient. 


The nurse must take charge to ensure a “nutritional path of the cancer patient”. The fundamental path to take is multi-professionalism to face the complex universe of Health. Careful assessment of nutritional status at the time of diagnosis with subsequent nutritional counseling. There is also continuous nursing monitoring to ensure patient compliance. Here is the nurse’s role in her duties:

  • nutritional screening both at the patient’s first access and at subsequent periodic checks 
  • activation of specialists
  • education on the correct lifestyles of the patient and caregivers

The possibility of pooling skills, experiences and approaches was an opportunity to experience, once again, how much teamwork is the only way to guarantee quality care for patients . Quality of life must be a primary objective of all helping professions by taking charge of the complex needs of cancer patients. Evaluation of nutritional status is essential in this regard. Aiom together with Fnopi and the other scientific societies has laid the foundations for a path that will see us engaged in the future, always on the side of patients.


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