Octopus and octopus, octopus and polpessa: reveal the differences


Octopus and octopus are not the same animal. They are two completely different species that are often confused with each other. The polyps are of the Cnidaria and their characteristic is to be solitary. Octopuses, on the other hand, are cephalopod molluscs with eight tentacles that we know well, widespread in the Mediterranean.


The same thing applies to the octopus too , it is thought to be the female of the octopus, others believe it is called polpessa. Even here, however, it is a misunderstanding for the name that sounds similar. The octopus is a cephaloped with nocturnal habits and has red skin with white dots. It has a slimmer body and longer tentacles than a common octopus, which is considered its prey. The Latin name polypus means “many feet” and therefore causes confusion.

Octopuses are very intelligent creatures and scientists have discovered that the credit is due to their jumping genes . They are the transposons, which represent 45% of the human genome. Thanks to this they know how to use their tentacles very well and have three hearts and blue blood. They can regenerate their body and possess incredible tact . The suckers on the tentacles allow them to taste everything they touch. Octopuses see without having eyes, they manage to blend in and therefore match their surroundings. This they manage to do through opsins , photosensitive proteins found on their skin and in the rods of our retina.

The difference between octopuses and polyps lies in the backbone . Octopuses have no skeletons, the only hard part being the sharp beak in the center of the tentacles. The polyps instead make a flexible scaffolding that supports the whole colony and then produce the corallite , their exoskeleton. Of the two, the oldest is the octopus (296 million years ago), therefore millions of years before the dinosaurs.

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