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Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti: other than mid-range, the price is exorbitant


During the 2023 CES in Las Vegas, NVIDIA will most likely showcase the new RTX 4070 Ti . There are still many unknowns about the new GPU , such as not knowing how much it will cost. A leak bounced on the net in these hours tries to answer this very question.


According to the Chinese site HSW, the Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti should cost 7,199 Yuan in China , which is equivalent to 1,000 dollars . This would be a much higher price than imagined by the public and enthusiasts.

After all, in principle the RTX 4070 Ti should be placed in the mid-range of the market. For this reason, a price tag of $800-900 was expected.

But it is still early to think about it. Firstly because it is a rumor, which as such should be taken with a little caution, and secondly because the price refers to the Chinese market – as far as we know the video card could be offered at different prices in the USA and in Europe. It must be said that GPUs in China usually cost less – and not more – than in Europe.


Meanwhile, the video card market hit a decade low during the third quarter of 2022. During the third quarter of 2022, GPU sales reached 75.5 million units: down by 10. 5% compared to the third quarter of 2021. More specifically: desktop GPU shipments were down 15.43% year-over-year, while notebook shipments fell 30%. We talked about it here .



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