Nutrition: disorders in women’s sport

Nutrition: disorders in women’s sport.


Eating disorders are linked to physical and psychological consequences causing short and long-term problems in the life of an athlete. In a recent study, a sample was selected that includes gymnasts and soccer players reporting food management issues and non-athlete women. The female sample with eating disorders has higher levels of anxiety, low self-esteem, and perfectionism. 


The study results show that female athletes are at increased risk of an eating disorder due to environmental pressure . It requires an optimal body composition for a better competition performance. However, it was also discovered that in the female population of “non-athletes” there are behaviors related to eating disorders. Among the psychological components there is a link between anxiety and problematic eating behaviors. High levels of anxiety triggered by sport can lead to symptoms of bulimia with a greater propensity for general thinness. 

The term perfectionism, on the other hand, is used to refer to a personality that sets high standards coupled with harsh self-criticism. Anxiety and perfectionism have a very strong dependence on each other. The results of the study reveal a positive link between anxiety and perfectionism. A perfectionism linked to oneself and to the social sphere. 

Athletes must take care of their body with training. Self – esteem is the main factor in preventing an eating disorder. Further studies are planned in the future in relation to self-esteem and the prevention of any harmful eating behaviors for female athletes. 



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