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Not just Forspoken: here are the new free demos you can play on PS5

Along with that of Forspoken, several new free demos have arrived on the PS5 PlayStation Store to try out the upcoming games.

During last Friday’s The Game Awards the arrival of a free demo of  Forspoken was confirmed   which our readers are surely putting to the test, on  PS5 . However, the Luminous title is not the only one that you can try without spending money: in fact, alongside the demo of the ambitious game by Square Enix we also find others, in a real “Demo Fest” – as he  defined it Sony – which allows you to discover Dualsense in hand some of the games arriving in the near future.


So, if the  Forspoken demo (if you liked it, you can book it on Amazon ) is the one that has been discussed the most, here we want to tell you about the others as well, to understand what games they are and whether or not they can do for you .

Season: A Letter to the Future

The first is  Season: A letter to the Future , which puts you in the role of a woman who sets off around the world on a bicycle to  capture, photograph and record all the beautiful things before an apocalyptic event that threatens to wipe everything out.


Between meetings with NPCs and the possibility of stopping at one’s discretion in front of the most beautiful views, the game promises to have that relaxed and melancholy soul that is often appreciated in smaller projects.

However, we had recently told you the definitive release date of this project.


The demo is  available until 11:59 pm on December 12th .

Season: A Letter to the Future arrives in January

Bramble: The Mountain King

The second game that has a demo available is  Bramble: The Mountain King . Structured as a sort of scrolling platformer, the apparently relaxed looking game actually asks you to go through a forest with monsters and creepy creatures that can pop out of the water at any moment.

The developers describe it as “psychological descent into darkness” and it seems to have some personality.

You Suck at Parking

You’ve probably heard of it and now you can try it for free:  You Suck at Parking is a crazy game that focuses on your ability to complete stunt courses, driving, and then parking as close to the target as possible.


The writer is certainly not a talent in parking, but having tried it, it must be said that this game – much meaner than it seems – gives a hard time and is quite fun. It’s worth a try!

You Suck at Parking asks you to park, of course


As we already said at the beginning, then there is the  demo of Forspoken , a game signed by Luminous Productions and Square Enix. If you want to try out the magical skills and over the top parkour of the protagonist, you can download it on your PS5 and get an idea.

The final release of the game, we recall, is expected for January 24th. Before then we will certainly have more to tell you, but in the meantime there is the video preview signed by our Silvio Mazzitelli after a first approach to the game.


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